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The Benefits Of Getting Your Map Accepted
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8th Jul 2014

Below will be many Benefits you will receive if ONLY your map gets accepted.
1. A personalized kit(It can only be used once) for builders in faction including, a diamond suit, a Diamond sword with Sharpness 5, and a pickaxe with Efficency 5, Fortune 3, Unbreaking 4. For PVP you will be given a Diamond suit with all Protection 4, then 32 Notch Apples, a Diamond Sword Sharpness 5, Unbreaking 4, FireAspect 2.
2. Also you get to be a "Thug" (Its a donating rank) for a month, If you post 10 maps that get accepted you will be "Hustler".
This post will get updated over time.
Forum » Forums » Map Application
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